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Aggressive New York Criminal Defense Representation  - Attorney Fights for Your Rights

Edward Zaloba has been a criminal trial attorney for over 36 years.  His career began as a criminal trial attorney for the Legal Aid Society.  He has been in private practice for over 33 years.  He has successfully resolved thousands of criminal matters varying from homicide to marihuana and vehicular offenses.  Although all cases are different, Edward Zaloba provides hands on personal professional representation on all matters.

An exceptionally large number of Edward Zaloba’s cases have been resolved with dismissals.  Others require negotiations resulting in either non-criminal dispositions, or favorable plea bargains.  Many cases require prompt investigations – securing witness statements, obtaining videos and surveillance video, crime scene photos, background checks and or the use of forensic experts.  Many matters proceed to suppression hearings- where- illegally obtained evidence may be suppressed and yet others may require a trial.

Whatever the situation, Edward Zaloba’s experience dedication and knowledge provides quality representation which produces positive results.  Edward Zaloba has a respected reputation as a zealous experienced advocate on behalf of his clients.

Matters handled:

  • DWI
  • Domestic Violence
  • All Drug and Narcotic Crimes
  • Petit and Grand Larceny
  • Burglary/Robbery
  • Assault
  • Guns and or al weapons charges
  • Homicide cases
  • Arraignments/DATs
  • Expungements
  • Federal and State cases

Personal representation for all cases

Edward Zaloba provides quality representation at a reasonable rate.  Most of his clients come by word of mouth from prior clients and from fellow attorneys who want the best for their clients.  Edward Zaloba provides competent, aggressive representation where his experience and focus on both criminal matters as well as prosecution of police officers in civil rights matters affords him a keen sense to detect and expose weakness in the prosecutor’s case as well as police misconduct.  A majority of Edward Zaloba’s cases involve drug sale, and possession, domestic violence, petit larceny (shoplifting), gun and weapons possession, and assaults.  All criminal cases in either State or Federal Courts are handled.

Determined lawyer represents people accused of crimes in the Metropolitan area

If you face criminal charges, you can be sure that the police and prosecutors will bring all their power to bear against you. That’s why you want a strong advocate to fight for your rights just as forcefully.  At the Law Office of Edward Zaloba, I represent people throughout New York who’ve been accused of committing crimes by providing aggressive, results-oriented defense. I know the New York criminal justice system, and I have both the background and skill to take on tough cases. No matter what type of charge you face, you can count on me to press for the best possible result through tenacious, tireless advocacy. 

Nothing is more important than your freedom. If you need a defense attorney who is dedicated to your case, contact the Law Office of Edward Zaloba today.

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If you’re charged with a crime, you deserve a criminal defense attorney who will fight for you. At the Law Office of Edward Zaloba, in Forest Hills, I have the determination and experience to pursue the best possible outcome no matter what charge you face. Call 347-630-9542 or contact me online for a free consultation.

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