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Zealous Metropolitan Area Lawyer Tackles Civil Rights Violations, §1983 Actions

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When police engage in unlawful actions that violate your rights, competent representation is imperative in order to correct the wrongs you suffered. At the Law Office of Edward Zaloba, I represent clients in the New York Metropolitan area, including Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County, in civil lawsuits seeking money damages for many types of civil rights violations committed by law enforcement officials, such as false arrest, unlawful detention and imprisonment and excessive force (police brutality). Representing clients for over 25 years has provided an understanding of the harm caused by law enforcement misconduct and I will use my years of experience to favorably resolve your case.  My experience focusing on both criminal matters as well as the prosecution of police officers for violations of civil rights affords me a unique keen ability to expose police misconduct and coverups.  Whether you were beaten during an interrogation, were arrested without probable cause or were convicted on fabricated charges, I will fight to get you the relief you deserve.

The U.S. Constitution and federal law guarantee Americans certain rights, and if law enforcement violates these rights while acting in an official capacity, the government may be liable. Civil rights claims are authorized under 42 U.S.C. 1983, a statute that allows victims to pursue compensation.  I also prosecute §1983 claim against corrections officers for assault and battery and abuse of inmates, as well as failure to adequately protect inmates from inmate assaults.  Most of my cases are brought in Federal Court, however, there are circumstances where its beneficial to file in State Court.

Violation of Constitution Rights Under the 1st , 4th ,  6th,  8th and 14th Amendments which may include:

 Police violation of Civil Rights

  • Unlawful detention
  • Unlawful imprisonment
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • False arrest
  • Excessive Force (i.e., unwarranted tasering or restraints that inhibit breathing or cause physical injury)
  • Fabrication of evidence, charges
  • Unjustified search of a home

Inmate Abuse/Misconduct by Correction Officers

Correction Officers assault 

           Violating civil rights of inmates 

Placing  inmate in harm’s way resulting in inmate assault 

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At the Law Office of Edward Zaloba, I represent individuals in the New York Metropolitan area, including Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County, in State and federal civil rights violation claims. Call 347-630-9542 or contact me online today to schedule a free consultation at my Forest Hills office. Contingency fee arrangements are available.

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